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Hi Guys!

After like a two year draught, Elemental Chronicles finally came alive again! I decided to take a hiatus in the last two years so I can think where I'm actually going with this series. While I was writing the first 13 chapters I saw this series had potential to become something, but I realized I had no real idea where I was taking it or what I was doing - I was just writing for the fun of it. So I stopped writing The Elemental Chronicles (with an exception with a few chapters) and decided to pursue other projects.

So all I did for EC in the last two years was plan out the whole story. And it was an amazingly slow process where I randomly got ideas in the most inconvenient times and places, to which I had to start carrying a notebook around everywhere. At the moment I have a lot of random pieces of paper and a few notebooks, and looking at it tonight I felt like its been too long and I have more than enough plot to start writing again.

Finally EC is a fully functional world full of life and adventure.
We now have (and still growing by the day):
- Planned out plot which will consist of four books, two spin-off novels, a prequel and a second series.
- Lore and legends
- Religion
- fully detailed world map with names and all
- functional power system and explanations
- Bestiary (wolves are the 'humans' in this fantasy setting, but not the only beasties)
- History
- And so so many things I'm rather not going to mention in vague points. You just have to read and experience this living realm for yourself, if you get get past my addiction for writing long battle scenes ahaha.

I will start writing the chapters again, soon. But for now you guys can enjoy the Elite profiles. They are stories on their own that might or might not be rough draft versions of what will be a future chapter.

The Elemental Chronicles will rise again! I am really excited with where this story will go and I cant wait to post it for my readers.


I don't want your dirty ass llamas :/ 
Dominance by AzzuenWolf
A wild typhlosion challenges a tame one in a test of dominance.

I woke up with my favourite pokemon in mind so I just had to draw it. A fun doodle that became a 6 hour project >.<
Moonsong by AzzuenWolf
This is the first time I have digitally drawn Moonsong - She is a bounty hunter and weapons master from my Elemental chronicles series. She has a prehensile tail that's about three times longer than average which she uses to wield her Moon scythe. She has four stances for her scythe (transformation), at the moment her scythe is in it's 'Half moon' stance. She isn't very well-disciplined in her nature element, but what she knows she uses towards the stances of her blades. And even without elemental powers, she is the most feared bounty hunter in Aria, and the one who holds the contract for Raven's head. She has proven time and time again that she is stronger than Whisper, Vera and Raven together as they barely managed to escape her.

Elemental Chronicles Archives

This took me about five hours in the span of three days on a Wacom Intuous Manga and Photoshop CS6
Mizuke Karasu by AzzuenWolf
Mizuke Karasu
This was bound to happen at some point, me drawing an OC for my favourite anime: Naruto Shippuden.

Her name is Mizuke Karasu, and I will create a profile of her eventually as I continue to draw her. I think I am just going to create two Narutoverse OCs, this isn't for roleplaying or anything, I just love the style of drawing and I wanted to draw hoomans eventually - I have been practising for a year or so.

Background is from an episode screenshot, and referencing were used to keep body proportions in tact with the style of the anime.

So, yeah... Isn't she pretty? Kyuubi Emote 


Moonsong - Nature wolf, bounty hunter and moon scythe wielder
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
“Don’t ignore me, female” he hissed, “I will break your beautiful little body”
“You must be one of the new rookies” she said without looking away from the bounty poster.
“Yeah, and we will get along just fine” he smiled and stepped closer to her with no pure intentions in mind. she met his eyes and swiftly wrapped her tail around his neck and slammed him into the wal, then grabbed her crescent moon blade out of its sheath that hung from her back and threw it towards him. It sliced through the air like an oversized shuriken and pinned him against the wall around his neck.
She drew her tail back and left him to struggle against the wall on his toes, she looked up at him and swayed her head in disapproval, “Don’t slip, your throat will be cut” she tilted her head and gave a gentle smile. He felt the razor sharp blade against his fur and wanted to curse at her but he knew if he spoke his throat will stretch out and will be cut.
"Rookies..." Moonsong hissed a laugh as he slipped.

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